Camping Alone: Listening as the Forest Speaks

a description recent life changes and of some of my favorite secret hiding places in Deschutes National Forest. Disclaimer…there is NO SUCH road as 7713…I don’t really want you to find it. Go find your own special place and cherish it!

Touring Bend Oregon with Flat Simon

A tour of Bend, Oregon with a fictional British Boy who sent himself via the mail from Sellincourt Primary school in London, England. We’re documenting his trip for his classmates back home, so that they AND YOU can learn about our city.

What a Shitty Day looks like in Central Oregon

A one day documentary of what I though was a bad day, but later gained a new perspective on dealing with unpleasantness in life. Animal scat as a metaphor for life’s challenges. Comparing what a bad day might look like in different locations, and thoughts on how to change your perspective on it.

Hiking Section A of the Pacific Crest Trail: Ouch! and other names on the trail

A story of a 90 mile hike on the PCT near the Mexican border north to Warner Springs. Notes on the culture of the trail and stories of interesting people met on the trail, as well as a description of the hike.

A letter to my Physical Geography Students

A parting note to my Spring 2021 Physical Geography students who took an in-person class during Covid. Application of concepts learned in class that mirror advice for dealing with the struggles of life and lessons for their future

A Funny thing happened on the way to Newfoundland

Sometimes the story is the destination that you are traveling to. Other times, the story is in the journey getting you to the destination. This is one of those stories about the journey just to get somewhere. On my first day after landing in my stopover city of Sydney, Nova Scotia I was walking aroundContinue reading “A Funny thing happened on the way to Newfoundland”