A letter to my Physical Geography Students

A parting note to my Spring 2021 Physical Geography students who took an in-person class during Covid. Application of concepts learned in class that mirror advice for dealing with the struggles of life and lessons for their future

A Funny thing happened on the way to Newfoundland

Sometimes the story is the destination that you are traveling to. Other times, the story is in the journey getting you to the destination. This is one of those stories about the journey just to get somewhere. On my first day after landing in my stopover city of Sydney, Nova Scotia I was walking aroundContinue reading “A Funny thing happened on the way to Newfoundland”

You and I on Your First Alaskan Sea Kayak Expedition

I’ll never forget your first sea kayak expedition in Alaska. There were moments of serene beauty and there were moments of sheer terror. I remember how excited you were during the time you were first planning your trip. I also remember meeting you for the first time and how nervous and uneasy you felt theContinue reading “You and I on Your First Alaskan Sea Kayak Expedition”

Happy Waitangi Day: How are you remembering it?

Today is February 5th in North America, but across the international date line it is February 6th. I landed in Auckland 30 years ago today and found the banks and many businesses were closed. I couldn’t change my U.S. dollars into New Zealand dollars. Public transport was largely unavailable. Why was everything closed on Feb.Continue reading “Happy Waitangi Day: How are you remembering it?”

Happy Perihelion! : last year’s journey around the sun

Today, January 2, 2021, is perihelion. This is the closest that the earth gets to the sun in its elliptical orbit. We are more than 3 million miles closer to the sun than we are on July 4th. Our journey around the sun covered a staggering 584 million miles, since the last perihelion on Jan.Continue reading “Happy Perihelion! : last year’s journey around the sun”

Bernardo: Hombre de Bolivia

Sometimes you meet the most interesting people in the most unexpected places. If you don’t look carefully, you may also miss something that is really important. I’ve found that to be true in many places that I’ve traveled to. Therefore, Bolivia should be no different. But is WAS different, mostly because of a very specialContinue reading “Bernardo: Hombre de Bolivia”

Hager Mountain Hike: On a Summer day in November

Monday, November 2, 2020. It is unseasonably warm in Central Oregon. Time to take advantage of the weather and do something fun. Besides, it’s November 2, which is a day I always take to do something memorable and to reflect. If you don’t know the story behind November 2, I suggest you stop here forContinue reading “Hager Mountain Hike: On a Summer day in November”

Wye River

The Wye River on the Eastern Shore of Maryland is only a 3 hour drive (in time) away from my boyhood home in Central New Jersey. However, in every other way, these two places are worlds apart. It was a place where a young boy could explore his relationship to the land and learn lessonsContinue reading “Wye River”

The consequences of casual, concise Klondike encounters

How many times do we have casual encounters with a stranger? We may exchange pleasantries in line at the grocery checkout, or acknowledge a stranger walking by on the opposite sidewalk. We presume that these brief encounters are not meaningful. However, two people who have had a profound influence on my life were strangers whoContinue reading “The consequences of casual, concise Klondike encounters”

Pandemics, Baseball, dealing with racism, and July the 7th

What is the common thread between global pandemics, baseball, the historical and contemporary problems with racism in our country and July the 7th? At first glance, they might seem not to be connected. At age 63 I finally just recently discovered how intertwined they really are. The most recent July 7 passed us just lastContinue reading “Pandemics, Baseball, dealing with racism, and July the 7th”